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A peaceful fantasy of creatures big and small in all shapes and sizes. But a quiet danger threatens the tranquility of life, and could potentially throw the balance into chaos. Who will stick by your side? What bonds will hold true to the end? Will love help you prevail or will hate end us all?

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We finally did it! The game is now also released on steam! If anyone wants to keep up with the game there or grab some steam achievements feel free to do so


There are no doubt still minor spelling/grammar errors in this build. If you find any please message me!

I wanted to make a place for easy feedback for my visual novel. The bugs that still pop up give me lots of work to do, but finding them is half the battle. If you want to discuss bugs, features, requests, or even just chat, feel free to join.

  •  So what’s in this game?

This game contains a full adventure! There are 10 characters to interact with and different branches and scenes to see depending on your actions. Your actions and answers to questions will affect who you spend time with, and each character's affection towards you. Based on your decisions things will turn out great for you and someone else, or maybe not.


  • How much is it?

The game is free and contribution is optional. If you'd like to help development of more games like this consider sharing my content or the link to the game :3

If you feel so inclined to support me further you can do so here in or on patreon here:

Funding on patreon will all go towards the sequel Chasing Shadows!


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PlatformsWindows, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(150 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made, Adobe Photoshop, Unity, Paint Tool SAI
Tagsdate, dating, Dating Sim, Erotic, Furry, NSFW, scalie, Sci-fi, sex
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any), Touchscreen, Playstation controller
AccessibilitySubtitles, One button
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I loved it. I can see the many ideas that got set aside as developed continued that can give it a little unfinished feel such as picking species and the coins but the overall story was vary coherent and thought out. The side characters where fun one off romps too. Would love to see more from ScylezStudios

yeah, the coins and the clothes were two features that originally were planned to have a lot more involvement but the project and story ballooned to be so massive they got dropped so I could finish what I had. But I left them in because after I finish my current projects it's entirely possible for me to go back and actually include some of the things I wish were in the game. But I'm really glad you enjoyed it!!! And thank you for playing <3 Down the road when I finish some of my other projects or the sequel VN I'd love for you to come back and try it out as well :)

So tried the game for a little bit, made it to just past very first night out with the guys, and have to ask, is it normal for them to go nude? They weren't wearing clothes then or during the scene the following morning and don't know if it was a bug or not. Was playing on the Android version on a tablet.

Is it possible you had natural mode on, or somehow accidentally toggled it on from the menu? That will disable all clothes.

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is it possible for a mac build 

also is helios only in one scene? hes the most attractive to me so hoping he shows up more.

You are the first person to ever ask for a mac build XD but unfortunately I have no way to test on a mac. It'd be risky to release an untested build so sadly a mac build probably won't happen soon.

And yeah, Helios is unfortunately only in that one specific scene. There's always a chance he'll get more screen time in the future ^^ but if so it'd be after I finish up the next VN

I have just gotten through my first playthrough of this game, it is great I look forward to seeing what the sequel will truly come to be. I will be doing another playthrough mainly to get to the second date with Izzy. Anyways one question, what is the point of the Dracoins and Outfits you find throughout the map? Are they just collectables with little to no consequence on the story or something more? 

 love the game

Thanks for the kind words :3 

Dracoins and Outfits were originally planned to do a lot more in the game but that feature got cut as development went on. Originally dracoins were going to be required for the good ending, and also be used to purchase outfits. outfits were going to give unique dialogue too. Now they're just around as collectables mostly. The outfits do still have a tiny influence on your final love. All characters have some outfits they like and dislike.

I do enjoy the game was curios on a guide/ walk through if there is one at all please and thanks.

There are some flowcharts within the game that give a basic overview of how scene's progress.

There's also some info here: 

Not sure if that really counts as a guide though. Unfortunately there's nothing created yet that shows specifics on what options to choose to get certain outcomes

Thanks That should be fine.

Can Perya be romanced? Does he have a route?

Great game, by the way, thanks.

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Sadly no, Perya does not have a romance option :'(

But thank you! <3

And in which days are the bonuses scenes if you can say, i dont know how many i am missing because is based in luck to get them

Late reply. sorry. but here you go. Hopefully this will help a little. Bonus and mini scenes do happen randomly if you don't have the free explore enabled. If you do use free explore, they can all be found on the overworld. And if you miss something and really want to see it you can always choose it from the scene picker ^^

Bonus Scenes

  • 101 - Atti (with Atti lewd scene) - occurs after 17.1
  • 102 - A performance not to forget (with Angel lewd scene) - occurs after 9.3
  • 103 - Mshen (with Mshen lewd scene) - occurs after 7.4
  • 104 - Zion (with Zion lewd scene) - occurs after 16.3
  • 105 - Heretic (with Nava lewd scene) - occurs after 16.3
  • 106 - Forced (with rickon lewd scene) - occurs after 4.6
  • 108 - The raptor (with Jane lewd scene) - Occurs after 3.1
  • 109 - Click (with click lewd scene) - Occurs after 16.3

Mini Scenes

  • 201 - Species Guide - Occurs after scene 1.1
  • 202 - Izzy's Diary - Occurs before 20.1
  • 203 - World map - Occurs after 1.4
  • 204 - Io's Performance - Occurs after 2.1
  • 205 - Click - Occurs after 4.1
  • 206 - Chef - Occurs after 2.1 or 4.1 or 7.4
  • 207 - The Storm - Occurs before 20.1

thanks for the reply sorry for the trouble ❤️


How do I get the Scylez's second date in the vn?


At the end of scene 2 (Drackey's party), accept Scylez's invite to get his first date. And then in scene 9 (Game night), have Blinki go pick up the food. This will prompt Scylez to invite you to dinner for his second date. You have to have seen the first date to see the second date. Hope that helps! 



(1 edit) (-1)

Here's some ideas for improvements:

You can add the MC's facial expression sprites on the bottom left corner.

More CGs for the NSFW scenes instead of one.

Text box options such as rollback.

If possible, update the sprites or CGs to match the characters' appearance.

But other than that, I enjoyed it so far!


Thanks for the feedback! All good ideas. Rollback is high on my list and will probably get implemented at some point. I'd love to add more art too but that's a slow process. Maybe down the road though I could do some of these ^^

Deleted 160 days ago

Yes!  I actually got my moment with the Rhino (and completely by accident).  Too bad I can't keep him.  Ah well.  I've been having fun so far but I found a minor bug.  The Arthropod Treasure side quest pointer doesn't disappear after you complete it.  The sparkly rectangle isn't there anymore but the pointer remains making you think there's a side quest there.


ah thanks for the report! Really appreciate taking the time to leave a comment for it. It helps a lot <3 I'll get that fixed for the next little update

Wow, talk about a great time to check out what's new and or updated on Itch =) 45 mins after a new update releases =)  Please let me know if you are working on any new or similiar projects to this one.

I really enjoyed this VN alot!

I absolutely loved what I played so far, but honestly and I'm so sorry to say this cause I do love the content, the UI could use hella work

thanks ^^ and any specific suggestions for improvement?

for me it's mostly just really easy to accidentally select a choice while skipping through text after reverting cause I either made a choice I didn't want to or want to do differently than an option I wanted to explore, and there's not really a nice medium skipping pace, holding down the space bar is really fast for example, I would love a rollback ability but I don't know if that requires an entirely different engine or something and might be too much to ask, obviously this is all just suggestion, I love the game and will play regardless

ahhh rollback feature is for sure possible. At some point I'll probably figure out how to get it done in the next VN since that one's got a bunch of experimental stuff going on and then I'll pull the code over to this one after it's stable. That, and being able to save anywhere are two of the bigger feature requests for these VN's which makes sense

oh that's awesome, and yeah I checked out a little and so far like the next one too, I didn't get too far into either just really liked what I saw, are there places where you cannot save? I thought you could just open the menu and save anywhere

Oh you can save anywhere. When you play, every now and then a little notification should pop up that you hit a "checkpoint" and when you save and load, it'll load back to the most recent checkpoint. Not ideal I know, but the checkpoints happen pretty often so it works for now. When I say a save anywhere feature is in the works, I mean a true save anywhere system without these checkpoints and where the game will load in right to the exact line you saved at.

i cant wait to play this update this is still my top 3 favorite furry vns 


Aww yay Thank you :3 just pushed a quick hotfix for the 4_2 PC update so if you're on PC make sure to get 4_2_1 ^^

(1 edit) (+1)

I am super happy to see you adding a few morsels here and there to my fave visual novel - or tied for fave (Chasing Shadows, Second Chance - a three way!).  I'm determined to be busy writing on my own novel for about a month, but after that I'll be making another dive into Skalan.  I'm hoping to see an update on CS soon too!

By the way, I love the depth of the story!  It does make it tricky sometimes, like finding my way into Izzy's second date.

(1 edit)

I think the art is great but a bit inconsistent in terms of style, the storyline is somewhat too intense, theres no rollback function, and there isn't an ability to change modes when you lock it in. 

But one of the main issues is that you can't load your saves in the menu. You have to go through loading a mew game and THEN will you be able to access your journal. Another one is not enough spicy scenes. I get it, a great game needs some depth, but this game offers nsfw capabilities, so I really think more nsfw scenes should be added to the game (all natural mode doesn't cut it, although, it is a great idea! Definitely keep it.) My final thought is a step by step guide on how to get close enough to each character. I feel like it could help many of us out.

 Some great points you hit are your writing abilities. I would bet that you took college courses on writing if you ended up with this amount of skill. Another one is the depth of the game. Like, holy shit, this is deeper than the mu-fuggin Mariana Trench. I personally don't like it, but someone else definitely will! (If you could make an easy going mode and an in depth mode, that would be great as well!) The art is superb, even if it is a bit inconsistent. You have cartoon characters over here and then detailed characters over there, but never do they look bad. All of them look amazing all the time.

This doesn't mean I'll stop playing though. I kind of like the detail this game goes into. It makes me feel like I actually have a crime syndicate in my town that I need to worry about and/or involve myself in sooner or later.

Obviously, I know my critiques and criticisms might blow over your head since you have a lot on your plate. That or you don't have any care for them. I'm not asking you to fulfill my wishes, I wouldn't do that unless I was commissioning a game. I simply wish to submit my ideas and response to the game.

Great game. Would recommend. 8/10 from me.

(1 edit)

I always appreciate the feedback ^^ but you can load from the menu. If you click the little floppy disk icon it will bring up save slots that you can load from. No need to start a whole new game first.

oml. im such a dunce.

but if you do make another visual novel game in the future, would you consider applying my feedback?


I actually am working on a sequel to this game right now ^^ and I always take into consideration feedback. I think this game ended up with 17 total lewd scenes scattered through it but more is always better. I do want the games to stand on their own without the lewd content so I sprinkle them in when they seem appropriate. I am, however, hoping to include more in the next game with some more interesting variety. Rollback function is another big feature request that I'd like to add. That and saving anywhere instead of checkpoints are two big requests. I've got the programming done to save anywhere, and I think I have a good idea on how to make rollback work nicely so with any luck they'll both make an appearance. Mode change would be nice too and could easily be added into the pause menu. If I get some spare time I might update Chasing Tail with that feature anyway. I do have a pending update with a few bug fixes and an 18th lewd scene prepped to be added still ^^


that's good to hear! I hope the games and updates turn out well, but with you at the keyboard, I'm positive it will!

Now, just one request...

Can I please have a guide to those lewd scenes?

Same here, a Guide for this game is good if users have trouble trying to find certain scenes along the way when it comes to making the right choices to avoid missing out on certain paths.

late reply. I'm sorry x.x but wanted to let you know I'm taking the feedback and did start a bigger more robust guide but needs more work. I know the flowcharts don't give all the info but hopefully in the meantime they'll help a little in certain situations. 

It's something with something. In a good way. In my whole life, no game has given me so many emotions! I really liked the game! 100/10! It's a pity that there is no Russian language. But that didn't stop me from enjoying the game.

Thanks! :D Really glad you enjoyed the game. And while it's only in English now, I do have a plan to add more language support and have the programming done for it. Although since I don't know these other languages, hopefully the translation will be accurate enough. 

(2 edits) (+1)

Well.. I could help with that, if you want, about translation to Russian language. But again, if you need any help with that...

(3 edits)

Да, я с тобой частично согласен на счет того что ей не хватает русского языка, но и на английском тоже норм, причем вполне вполне.. Но это при условии что английский люди знают на уровне хотя бы чтения, не говоря о разговорном...

Can I get some help with izzy I can't find her second date I looked through the scene flowchart but can't find anything on her second date

I'm sorry with the late reply x.x Seems my email didn't like giving me notifications. What you need to do is take her story when searching her apartment in scene 8 and this will open up an option later to see her first date right after. Then after scene 12 when Izzy invites you to hang out, accept which will give you her second date.

(1 edit)

So, how i can get a Blinki's second date..?  In end i se he is the second highest in affinity for my characrt afer Drakey, so i guess afer i met him in his aparment i did something wrong, choose wrong dialog.. If anyone know please tel, i wil be grateful.


Sorry for the late reply. Notifications haven't been working and I decided to check the page and see a bunch of new unanswered messages x.x 

Assuming you saw his first date in the middle of Scene 5, you can get his second date by picking the right options in Scene 9 (game night). You need to either not have stolen Izzy's story, or don't tell Blinki you did. Then later when the choice of food comes up, let the group know you'd prefer Scylez's choice. Him and Jane will leave you and Blinki alone. This small interaction will prompt Blinki to show up the next day and invite you on a second date.

Hope that helps! 

(4 edits)

Thanks for the tip, I want his second date because of all other character, hi is look sad (judging by art), and I want him to be a more happy. And I'm personally more forward to winged dragon type. 

About game itself, it maybe sound a little selfish, or crazy, but i have lack of hero personalization, what i mean is how my hero actually look's like depend on race, which color you body have, some body(scale or fur) pattern (colorable), scar's, horn type's, and etc. I miss some actual stats of my hero, depend on chosen race, like benefits, affinities (choosable), and ofcourse some downsides (based on benefits, affinities and race). Lewd scenes missing of my actual hero representation visually, based on race and how my hero actually look's like, or at least race and body type (M or F) . Some lewd scenes could  (need) to be changed basen on race and hoo is my hero, male or female.

And yeah, 10 out of 10. But story transgression is way to hasty...

(1 edit) (+1)

This is one of my favorite Visual Novels/Games. I had a bit of trouble getting Izzy's second date, but in the end it was worth it. The characters are fun and I love their designs and personalities. You did a great job on this game.


Thank you so much! Late reply I know and I'm sorry x.x but I really appreciate it! 

You're welcome.


Great game, just finished playing and i'd be lying if i said i didn't enjoy it. There were only a few spelling mistakes i saw in the route i took, but nothing that was too hard to "solve". Nice game.

Also, the "Welcome to Izzy's wet dream" line killed me. xD

Wow. Honestly this was a great game with so many likable characters, Im stunned. It was so charming and the plot was super cool. Well done my guy you made a piece of art👍


Thank you :3 I really really appreciate it! <3 

seriously its criminal your not charging people, also out of curiosity how do you pronounce your name because i've been saying SKY-LEZ and I don't know if that's correct.

lol no worries. It seems like 20% of people say it that way, but I always pronounce it "scy" as in scyth, and lez which sounds just how it looks :)

Coolie-oh, another question if its not to personal, are you an american?

I don't mind. But yep I am American ^^


Is there a guide for each character?


sorry for not replying, I either missed the notification or didn't get one. But there's not really a guide for each character sadly. The best resource I can provide is the flowcharts within the game, but if I get ambitious enough I could try to throw together something and put it up on the game page sometime.

Hey Scylez, good to see your still updating the game!  I havnt played in a while (when you released the mini map update was the last time i did a play through)  Anyways Its good to see your still active, although I must admit I was surprised to still see you working on this.  For the most part the game seems to have been done for a while.  I was actually wondering If you were working on / planning any new projects?

Either way its good to see you still creating, and yes I still love all your characters (obviously the scallies the most, but I might be biased!)  Best wishes to you!

Rio de Janeiro, June 1st 2022


I am not him but I think he lauched Shadowlands some time ago, no?

I am just rereading it again and again. To get all scenes and new scenes!!! At least I got two in this last update.

Mewing more,



Sorry for not replying, I either missed the notification or didn't get one :\ but yep I'm still working on this little by little. It's been done for the most part for quite a while now but there are still little bugs and spelling errors that get reported to me so It's worthwhile to correct them. But there is a little more bonus content I'm planning on adding at some point too, but it may be a while before that since, as other's have said, I started working on the sequel VN to this. I'm calling it Chasing Shadows, so that's what most of my effort has been going towards these days ^^

Also a question I have about the game is if there are any secret endings.

Sorry for not replying, I either missed the notification or didn't get one :\ but there aren't really any secret endings. There's the good, neutral, and bad ending, and then the good ending can have either one or all ten of the romance options show up. Those are the only ending variations at the moment ^^


name the people you have the highest affection with and who you ended up with.


Radolf -21

Willow- 11       End Result: Best Girl Izzy.

I think I got 49 with Corsi.. the shark girl the 1st time I played it but I was trying get some of the guys. Lol

Think it was updated to dates give more points so I am playing it all again. lol

I got negative 50 with the green kitty. Lol I never get more than 11 sometimes 9 with the stallion no matter how much I try to be with him.


Game is absolutely amazing. Btw how do you get the 3some scene with scylez and drakey?


Thank you! :D I'm glad you're enjoying it ^^

And to get the threesome scene, in scene 18 convince Scylez to tell Drackey the truth, and then tell Drackey to understand. If you have NSFW mode enabled then things should progress into the lewd scene.

Love Jane the most and the chef character I wished was dateable.  Turning a bad lady to good would've been fun to do.   Wished there was a lewd scene with her and Jane.  How do you save Blinki?  I beat the game and it said I sold him out but I'm not sure on what I did.  Lastly, who is the nice stranger that is mentioned?

A lewd scene with the Chef would have been a fun one. She's got a fun personality to write for and that could have gotten into some kinky stuff. I'll never say never, and maybe someday it'll get added ;3 

Spoilers below

And the easiest way way to save blinki is either to give Ravonaar Izzy's story, or to make up an address when asked where he lives. One of those two should work

The kind stranger is the purple argonian in the first scene. He's missable and only appears if you go outside with no clothes or by seeing the mini scene in that free explore section.  

Thanks.  I realized the characters I love are Zion, Jane, Angel, Chef, Io, and Radolf.  Hard to chose just one and I don't know if that's a bad thing. Would've liked to see a female xenomorph created where you could get taken away to breed a queen.  Just fantasies.  Love the game.

Good to know that.

The kind stranger is the one I saw in the 1st part giving me a.. pamphlet and in the sheriff part?

Yep they're the same character ^^ sort of a mysterious unknown stranger

(1 edit)

this is probably a stupid question but is this game completed or is it still in development cus I'm getting mixed signals lol.

The game is completed, but I still put out small little updates every now and then if I find something to fix or add ^^ 

Honestly had a nice blast with this one. There were some issues with the browser version and screen resolution, and the save system being slightly wonky at times, but the content was there and kept me hooked all the way.

For the navigation sections in the Pokemon-like town, maybe a sprint option would be nice. Especially when having to walk from one corner of town to the next.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D Thank you for trying it out and giving my little game a chance. 

Sadly some of the resolution problems I need to live with because of the size restrictions of games :\ but hopefully I can fix up the save system in the next game and remove the wonkyness. I am making a little bug report document though and I'll add sprint to it for a wish list item. That would be a good thing to add in an update and have in the next game too! 

Will there still be new content for the game? Like new characters or sex scenes with already made and characters? Or is it better not to wait for anything but minor edits?

There still will be some new content for the game, but the creation is very very slow since most of my focus has shifted to the sequel. There are two bonus / sex scenes that I'd like to make with characters that are already in the game ^^ One of those scenes is being worked on and maybe 75% finished. But I still wouldn't recommend waiting for them specifically because I can't promise when they'll be added. 

Can someone direct me to a walk-through? I love this game but I need some help to get certain endings...

It might not be a walkthrough in the more typical sense of the word, but if you download the game and go to the "more options" section there's a menu item for scene flowcharts that will give you a good idea of how each option affects the outcome of the scene. They're a little harder to read in the web version though since I had to reduce the size of all the images so I could fit the whole game on the site here. At some point I should probably write up an actual walkthrough though 

Is there a scene with lo. If there is. How do you open it?

There is not unfortunately. A scene with Io was always one I thought would be fun to make but sadly never got around to doing.  

It's a pity... I would have liked to go through.

i don't know if i got the official good end but i consider it pretty good .

my only sorrow is the kitten man, why'd he have to go snooping around and screwing himself over, i was almost beginning to like him but at least he was still alive at the end.

i'll take a small break from the game and come back to see about doing things differently. definitely earned a spot in my gems collection :)

not that this means much technically because i'm not posting on social media right now for reasons not entirely in my control but still well done.


Glad you gave the game a shot and it sounds like you enjoyed it ^^ after the game finishes before the credits it should tell you if you received the good, neutral, or bad ending but the good ending does have a few variations, I suppose the best ending would be everyone alive and everyone at the festive but it's a bit tricky to get. It's really awesome to know it's considered a gem by you at least :3

well 'good' is very subjective i suppose , and yes i had enjoyed it. but i might be a bit bias towards the game because of it being a visual novel style and also it having dragons in it XD.

i have a total of 118 games that catched my eye but not all of them i've played yet, good majority of them though, 19 of those have added to my gems collection.

I really love myself a good story which is kinds of why i love visual novels since they are pretty much entirely story but unlike text adventures they also have some graphics sprinkled which is a pretty nice bonus to break up the walls of text.
though im not completely opposed to walls of text which can be seen in games like orrias but orrias has not made it into the gems, it's close but not there yet, just a bit too much repetition.

is it possible to make it work for mac

It is possible, but I unfortunately don't have a way to test any mac builds so I'm really hesitant to put them out there :\ but the web version should still work on mac ^^

ive been playing this game for the 3rd time i cant get the good ending and i want to find it myself but i kinda dont have the time and i dont want to be those people that look up guieds but i just cant as i rly want to see the good ending.

Hi, if ever there is a sort of guide with all the choices you can make and the result that will come out in the main menu of Chasing Tail.


so scylez, what can tell us about the character "chef", she is still very mysterious so I keep curious if we will have any update on her even small

 *I love your games and I'm excited about the possibilities*


That's one of the reasons I thought her character was kinda fun was because she's such a nonchalant but mysteriously dangerous character. It's hinted that she could be from the Shadow Lands in her mini scene, and it's very possible I'll include a little more information about her or some small details in the next game ;D I had a few ideas that still could come to light but I can't reveal x3

That being said it's always possible that more scenes or story could be added in Chasing Tail too. I do still have some more planned updates, It's all just about getting to them and getting them done x3

I can't believe im just finding this, this is beautiful and the story gets me so hype! out of all the furry games/vns I played they were never like this. They never allowed me to pick what I wanted to be especially with this much plot. Thank you for making this beautiful experience.  I truly wish for fortune and luck in your future so you can go be whatever you want to be ^^

Aww :3 thank you for such a kind heartwarming comment. I'm glad my game could give you such a worthwhile experience and left you with such a good impression. I always say this but when I hear feedback like this it really makes all the work worth it and is the whole reason I want to make game like this in the first place. I'll take all your well wishes and put all my effort into making the next one even better! Thank you for playing and for giving my game a shot :3

The game is good, but I'm interested. Are you planning to add more paths to the game? For Atty and Nova?


Thank you :) There are a couple plans to add a few more small scenes to the game, but no new major endings. Atti and Nava each have a bonus and lewd scene so it's unlikely they'll receive more content sadly, but not impossible. 

Thank you for giving my game a shot!

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