Welcome to the announcement and demo of Chasing Tail!

There are still a few minor errors in this demo that are being fixed right now! Please bear with me.

We have a short demo showcasing a little of what the game will become. It’s live and playable right now!  This is just a demo! The writing, art, and game mechanics are incomplete, but it showcases the vision ahead!


  •  So what’s in this demo?

This demo contains the first and second of many planned scenes for this visual novel.  There are a few different paths to take in this demo depending on your actions and decisions.


  • What will be in the main game?

In the main game your actions and answers to questions will affect who you spend time with, and each characters affection towards you. These actions and affection will affect who you spend your dates with, and different dialogue options you’ll see. Each character is being written to have their own personality, backstory, issues, and moral dilemmas that you will have to either help solve or hamper. At the end of the game maybe things will turn out great for you and someone else, or maybe not.


  • Can I help or contribute?

This is all completely 100% optional. Just reading this journal this far means a lot. The biggest thing you can do is share the journal or the link to the game.

If you play it give feedback! Tell me things you’d like to see or things you think would make it better.

This game will come out and will be free to play and I will be working on it in my spare time to get it up and completed. I have some very amazing people helping me out but still there’s a lot of work to be done.  The game will be available on as many platforms as I can get it on. Mobile, web, and PC platforms for sure, and maybe even steam, gog, and Xbox. We'll have to see.


  • When will it release? 

The game will release hopefully sometime later this year but I have no specific date. I don't want to rush towards a set date and sacrifice quality for a deadline.


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So any news about development or when it might release?


Yes! All of the art has gotten a revamp and has just finished. The story has gotten a revamp as well and is being proofread at the moment. The writing has almost finished, around 35 of the 40 scenes are finished. And at the moment I'm working on incorporating the earlier scenes into the game so they're working and playable. When I finish half of the game's scenes I'll probably release that here with new art so it's playable and then finish the other half and release the full thing. I don't have a time frame really but I'm hoping to finish the first half in a few months or so. Thanks for your interest! It means a lot :)

I understand that the request I'm about to make my not be fulfilled but I'd rather put it out there than never saying a thing. Can you PLEASE add a female canine character that the player can date. That's all i wanted to ask and if you do my request, i would be 100% down to invest money into this game

sorry for such a long span of time without replying to your comment. The romance options aren't 100% finalized yet so there's still a chance one may be added and removed. And that being said there's also a chance for a canine character to be added. If one more romance option is added it will definitely be female to even things out a little bit.

Eeeh....  I can translate if you wish, I speak Spanish so I can help with that...  Sorry, I can read, listening in English but...  Writing is a bit difficult (._.

That would be a really big help. I'll finish writing it first and then I'll ask if you'd still be up for that. It's going to be a lot to translate so it will be ok if nobody wants to do it. I think I might just settle for a machine translation then and maybe when people play it they can skim it for mistakes.

Yep, don't worry, I'm glad to help xD

And...  I don't think that's gonna be a problem, after all, one of my hobbys is write. 

i cant help translate but i could help touch up after the machine translation

Love the artwork! Can't wait to actually play it and see the updates sure to come!


Thank you so much! We're working hard to finish writing and making the story much much better and also drawing the rest of the art!